A split-screen Markdown editor for the iPad

Bisect has shut down.

Split-screen for Markdown

Bisect's split-screen multitasking capability is optimized for writing Markdown. The in-built browser is tightly integrated with the editor, so you can add links to the Markdown text right from the browser.

You can quickly get to the traditional full-screen mode, and even then, switching between the browser, the editor and the live preview is just a swipe away. Bisect's split-screen multitasking capability is independent of and unrelated to the Split View feature in iOS 9.

Live Preview

See a live preview of the Markdown you're writing, as you write, in split-screen mode. The preview updates as you type and scrolls automatically to the changed text.

Markdown Superpowers

Bisect provides a quicktype bar for Markdown that dynamically changes based on what you’re typing. From the quicktype bar, you can add emphasis, see what a text links to, insert URLs from the browser, and more.

When using link references, the editor highlights undefined references as you type, and the quicktype bar suggests completions based on references defined elsewhere in the document.

Free your Text

You can open your text documents from other apps (or document provider extensions) and edit them in-place using Bisect. You can also move or export documents to other apps and document providers.

Bisect goes all the way in adopting how iOS 8 handles documents, allowing you to seamlessly switch between apps to work on one text document without making a trail of copies in different apps.

Bisect has shut down and is no longer available for sale.